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From The Bush to the Plate

“From the Bush to the Plate” is a fascinating documentary that follows five urban indigenous people journey throughout Turtle Island as they work together to decolonize their diet.The main goal of their journey is to eat like their ancestors did, while learning about traditional Indigenous knowledge and food along the way.

This documentary will show how to hunt, how to process and how to cook moose, using traditional ways.The film will be followed by a Q and A with the film makers about the teachings and creation of this documentary.Barbara Dumigan-Jackson and Lyndon Suntjens, two Indigenous filmmakers, won a Telus Story Hive Grant to create their documentary “From the Bush to the Plate”.

As nêhiýaw  (Cree), people of the land, they will share their original ways of hunting, processing, cooking, and gathering. This documentary will show how important it is in keeping traditions alive and by doing so help strengthen communities.

Barbara Dumigan-Jackson says: “Our traditional foods are our pillar to our culture and they feed much more than our physical body, they feed our spirits and our minds. This is because they are a living link with the land, our ancestors and legacy as Indigenous people. Traditional foods help us remember who we are and where we come from, and that’s the land, because we are people the land.I feel this documentary series will not only inspire me along my journey but many other Indigenous community members and youth that are losing their connection to the land.Having the opportunity to eat like our ancestors did, while learning about traditional Indigenous knowledge and food along the way is so rewarding for me because I get to share this journey and knowledge with my other half Chad, my children, family, friends and other community members in the process.”

Lyndon Suntjens  says:“As a nêhiýaw nâpêw (Cree man), I feel it is my responsibility to pass the knowledge I hold and to connect my students to knowledge keepers and elders so that they can experience the teachings that their ancestors had and feel a connection to place. This is why I feel that it is extremely important to document one of my passions such as hunting in this documentary series.This documentary will show protocols, how to hunt, how to process and how to cook one of my favorite meats to eat, moose. Many of my students have not had the opportunity to see the work and what it takes to bring home food from the Bush to the Plate.”

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Feb 11 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



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Manluk Theatre


Barbara Dumigan-Jackson and Lyndon Suntjens
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