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“The act recognizes that art inspires, defines who we are, and passes our culture from one generation to the next. Alberta’s culture is unique to Canada, and our province’s creative and cultural industries are an important part of our life as a community. Art is valuable work and artists deserve fair payment in order to secure their economic future. Through legislation, our government is clearly stating art is an important economic driver that creates jobs and helps with our economic, social and emotional recovery.”
Ron Orr, Minister of Culture

“The arts sector has been and continues to be one of the most impacted by COVID, so this legislation is very timely. We need to put artists back to work and ensure they receive fair compensation, recognizing that their contribution benefits all Albertans. The arts stimulate the economy and attract investment, improve mental health outcomes, enrich education, and strengthen social cohesion; for these reasons, they certainly deserve this new support.”
Mary Rozsa de Coquet, board chair, Alberta Foundation for the Arts

“Artists are skilled and hard-working members of the workforce, and deserve to be paid their worth. CARFAC Alberta welcomes provincial legislation that can support fair compensation and greater economic security for Alberta’s professional artists.”
Chris Carson, executive director, CARFAC Alberta

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