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This incredible show is being presented simultaneously all over the world in the second weekend of November!

The goal of this amazing WORLDWIDE event is for theatrical organizations like Manluk Theatre and Waterworks Players to provide hope, inspiration and excitement to our community through the transformative power of musical theatre.

We are joining thousands of theatrical organizations around the globe by producing our own LOCAL production of Music Theatre’s International’s ALL TOGETHER NOW-A Global Event Celebrating Local Theatre, November 12-14, 2021!


Some of the places where you can hear the same music LIVE are; SPAIN, UK, SOUTH AFRICA, KANSAS, MISSOURI, FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, ONTARIO, NELSON, BC, LOUISIANA, PENNSYLVANIA and of course WETASKIWIN!!!!

Musical Theatre International (MTI) waved the copyright fees for the weekend in November 2021 to non-profit theatrical organizations who could normally not bring these ICONIC and well known songs from Broadway productions to their stage because the cost would be too high.

MTI’s President and CEO, Drew Cohen stated, “MTI’s All Together Now, is about bringing people back to the theatre, whether as audience members or cast, crew and musicians. The revue features songs from the world’s most iconic musicals, so there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Our goal with this worldwide event is for organizations to provide hope, inspiration and excitement to their communities through the transformative power of musical theatre.”

Ticket prices for this spectacular WORLDWIDE event range from $10 – $75 in other places, but NOT in Wetaskiwin. We, Manluk Theatre and Waterworks Players offer our tickets as a Donation at the door!

It’s our gift to the community. 

We want everyone to be able to experience LIVE THEATRE and:


  • ♡ feel the excitement and
  • ♡ to hear LIVE, LOCAL, TALENTED singers
  • ♡ to smell the popcorn
  • ♡ to see the curtain open
  • ♡ to be in the auditorium All Together Now!

Nothing beats a LIVE Musical Performance!! Reserve your seats today online, at NO COST!




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